Hacker Attack


          “Thou shalt not snoop around in people’s files”, according to the 10 commandments of computer ethics, surfing private domains without the owner’s permission just to satisfy curiosity is considered unethical practice and hacking is one of which.

          Hacking is the illegal practice of accessing computer files and systems without authorization. Some people hack systems because of vengeance and hatred, some for thrill and excitement, some for the sake of knowledge and experimentation, and others for theft of service and of valuable things.

          Hacking organizational computer systems without the organization’s consent is punishable by the Law.  However, there is a helpful impact on the organization despite the incidence of hacking.  The organization learns that its system is weak and is subject for enhancement. Usually in big companies, they often hire professional hackers to test the status of the system if it’s strong enough to prevent hackers from hacking its system.  This is to avoid intruders from stealing their valued information and from sabotaging the system which can cause damage not only to the system itself but also to the performance and activities of the organization.


Human brain VS. Computers


As technology is becoming more advanced, people are becoming more useless and technology-dependent.  Time will come that computer systems and software will run not only the labour market/industry but will also dominate in the decision making process. 2014 is a high-tech era and experts are now in the process of formulating and constructing one of the best technologies in the human history that will be a key success for the future.

For the next five years or so, man power will be no longer needed as more advanced and multi-purpose machines and computers are ready to take over people’s place in a much better performance and quality.  Computers are now smarter and built with human intelligence to make better decisions, to solve problems and to formulate solutions and this threatens a mass of labour-dependent people.

However, the search for highly-educated workers will not diminish as companies need great minds to handle certain situations that advanced computers cannot address.  Computers can work much faster and more reliably than the human mind, nevertheless, computers only do exactly what they are told. They are only machines that can carry out commands that humans give them. Computers lack creativity and ability to learn things. Humans have conscious, the ability to reason, and have vision.  People are better at interpreting the world and can make decisions based on experiences, facts and other factors while machines, on the other hand, are only better at processing what they already understand.  People are good at interpretation different levels of verbal and conditions, also good interaction and making strategies or strategic decision which computers and software cannot offer.

Internet: a friend or foe to business?


What things internet cannot offer yet? Almost to none, right?

People, nowadays, would rather choose to do everything on the internet- from billing transactions, playing games, doing research on homework, chatting with friends, even watering and harvesting a plant, and doing business transactions.  Internet has offered us a new trend of dealing business however; it has killed some traditional services. Here are some businesses that are slowing down due to high-speed broadband connections:

  1. Cable-TV


High-speed broadband connection enables people to watch anything on the internet- from the oldest to latest TV shows and movies, hottest news and trending sports.  With the almost free services offered by the Web- who would still want to subscribe to cable TV with limited channels and expensive monthly charge if there is an alternative Internet TV?

  1. Mobile networks and telephone services


The Web has offered a lot of free messaging and face-to-face chat applications such as Kakao Talk, Facebook, Yahoo Messenger and more that is threatening some mobile and telephone services to shutdown.

  1. Photo developing services


Free apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Photobucket allows people to store, share and save their photos without charge. With the free apps, photo developer services are declining because people won’t need to develop pictures just to send and share photo memories to their friends and loved ones.

  1. Tutorial services


Anyone from anywhere can upload a video in just a second and anyone can view it.  Tutorial videos, music, academic purposes, instruments, are now a trend on the internet and a lot of people are subscribing to learn new things for free.  People are now less likely to spend much for the traditional tutorial services because the Web has offered it for free.

Nurturing Open Source Software


Information and technology have greatly expanded and evolved through the years– from simple programs which programmers can only understand, now, anyone can access anything and can even make their own.  Everything seems possible, easier and free, nowadays, just like the Open Source Software.

Open source software is free software available for all and it includes downloadable and publicly accessible programs, applications, anti-virus and search engines such as Mozilla Firefox and Linux.  Moreover, in open source software, source code can be manipulated by users, and this means that anyone who has access to source code can change a piece or part of a software applications and programs.  In addition, they could improve the program by adding features or repair and fix some parts if it isn’t working properly.

Anyone can benefit from open source software aside from programmers.  It offers opportunity to students and to users in improving their technical skills. Thru OSS, they can learn and enhance their talents and at the same time, they can profit from making better software.

Communities at large are increasingly embracing open source software and are becoming popular even in businesses.  OSS will continue to proliferate in the future for its usefulness and its active role in improving our world.